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Our Mission

Southland Baptist Temple exists to exalt God through loving worship; to edify Christians through faithful Bible teaching and discipleship training; to evangelize non-Christians through faithful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, both locally and globally; and to exhibit godliness through a positive Christian presence in the Western Kentucky community.


Our Staff

Jimmy Franks

Jimmy Franks


picture of Topper Council

Topper Council
Associate Pastor







picture of Jody Sexton

Dean Williams 
Music Director




Jody Sexton, Associate Music Director

Jody Sexton 
Associate Music Director




Cheyenne Koch, Director of Student Ministries

Cheyenne Koch 
Director of Student




Adam Smith 
Director of Children

Barbara Gregory








Our History

Southland Baptist Temple
Organized December 13, 1953

In late August, 1953, a young, enthusiastic evangelist by the name of Harold Council felt led of God to construct a brush arbor at the corner of Yarbro Lane and Hovekamp Road. This would be the beginning of one of the nation's finest Bible-believing churches.

This brush arbor meeting was richly blessed of God. The people came, souls were saved, and Christians were strengthened and inspired. This meeting became the talk of the town. The Floral Hall building was rented and the revival continued. The crowds grew larger and many souls continued to be saved.

Southland Baptist Temple was organized on December 13, 1953 with 53 charter members at Floral Hall located in Carson Park in Paducah. God's Spirit seemed to fall on this newly formed assembly and as the crowds grew, many souls accepted Christ.

Bro. Harold felt led of God to begin looking for a site to build a church. After much prayer, the church purchased a piece of property on Yarbro Lane in March, 1954.

God blessed and the people continue to come. Because the church had no baptistry in the early months, a great baptismal service was held in the Ohio River at the foot of Broadway. Over 100 were baptized on that Sunday afternoon.

In the summer of 1962, a new two-story Sunday School annex was completed.

Throughout the sixties, the church was blessed as the Temple enjoyed a steady and regular increase, which filled the building to capacity. As the decade came to a close the existing facilities would no longer hold the people.

Land was purchased, plans were drawn, and in the spring of 1970, the groundbreaking for the new sanctuary occured. The building was completed in October, 1971.

From this humble beginning, Southland Baptist Temple enjoyed a phenomenal growth. God has truly blessed these past 50+ years, and we look for His blessings to continue for the next 50+ years or until His coming.