Silent Banner Class

Director: Sue Tate
Teacher: Charles Payne 

The Silent Banner Class is specifically for hearing impaired individuals who want to learn more about God.  Southland Baptist Temple Deaf Department has a new Sunday School Teacher - we are so happy to have Charles Payne (deaf himself) to teach  our Deaf class!  He has lived here in Paducah, Kentucky, for a long time.  But he is not the same acting person that he was before he became saved by our "Precious" Jesus.  You may not understand that because when you have that wonderful experience and God touches your life, you really do become so different and so very happy that your life changes and you are happy!  

Our Deaf Department sent Charles Payne to a Deaf Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri, after he surrendered his life completely to Jesus and promised to work and serve the Lord for all of his life.  Charles graduated from Bible Deaf College after four years and was ordained to become our first Deaf preacher!  Brother Charles Payne (deaf minister) teaches the Bible in a way that fills hearts and changes lives.  Coming to this class will increase your understanding of God's Word, and how He can work in your life.  

Interpreters and visual aids are used to enhance your learning experience.  If you are hearing impaired and need a touch from God, please come to our Deaf Class and see how your life can be touched and changed into one that can be happy and full of joy!